Normal Scheduled Hours With RSO Present (Subject To Weather And RSO Availability)
Closed On Holidays

Summer hours from April 1-December 31

Contact an RSO via the Contact Page to schedule a shoot time.

January through March hours:

Monday & Thursday 4-H Only 5-6:30pm & 7-8:30pm
Tuesday & Wednesday 3-D League 7-9:00pm
Friday JOAD 6-7:30pm
Saturday Open Shooting 8am – Noon January-March
Sunday Open Shooting 1-5:00pm
2016 Quad City Shoot Dates 2016 State Shooting Calendar
If you want to shoot at a time when the building is not scheduled to be open, please contact an RSO via the Contact Page.
The listed RSO’s have keys and may be available to supervise shooting activities.
Your cost can be referenced here “Usage Fees”. If time is scheduled with RSO, the RSO may charge a cover fee at their discretion.
If you want to hold an event or schedule a group outing, read the info on the “Event or League Sponsor Agreement”. Then submit a request on the Contact Page.

August 13, 2020

No events scheduled for today!