Range Saftey Officer (RSO) Contact Information
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USAA Level 2 Instructors
Jerry Allen 308-380-2938
Laura Allen 308-380-5808
Arlo Thayer 402-469-9120
Cara Crandell 402-984-9862
USAA Level 1 Instructors
Richard Crandell 402-984-3965
Rickie Crandell 402-984-3965
Becky Crouse 402-751-2314
Mark Crouse 402-751-2314
Kevin Douglas 402-469-7949
Marty Hagemann 402-984-9991
Mark Petska 402-469-4891
Larry Rouse 402-694-9129
Mark Siebrass 402-984-0317
Other RSOs
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